BGSR PTY LTD – Flexible, Personal, Quality

Providing quality support to people with disabilities in Western Australia



BGSR can provide any of the following types of disability support. We can also consider other ideas outside these strategies, so contact us and discuss your situation further.


Personal assistance
  • Personalised support with all aspects of daily living, including showering, dressing and toileting;
  • Staff follow individualised care plans for every person they support, and are trained and inducted to work with individuals to meet their needs;
  • May include hoist transfers, wound care, feeding and home physio programs for people with complex needs;
  • Personal assistance can be in the family home, or, any other venue as required;
Skills Development and Maintenance
  • Assistance with some of the complex tasks of daily living, including shopping, banking, budgeting, transport training and support with medical appointments;
  • Staff who specialise in this area are very experienced in supporting individuals to maintain and develop their skills and keep them as independent as possible;
  • This may be provided on an ongoing basis or by referral.
Domestic Support
  • All aspects of cleaning inside and out, including lawns and gardens, specifically to assist an individual to achieve these tasks encouraging current skills and participation;
Recreation / Day time support
  • Staff can attend recreation choices with individuals, either staying for the activity or introducing them and withdrawing;
  • Assisting the person to develop interests and sample activities;
  • Developing a plan for ongoing daytime support.
Supported Holidays
  • Individualised trips in small groups or 1:1 as required;
  • A co-ordinator will develop and plan the trips and experienced support workers will travel and provide support.
Community Support Work / Mentoring
  • Provides a co-ordination style service to people who live very independently and need advocacy, guidance and flexible responses to difficult or crisis style situations.
Service Co-ordination
  • Provides skilled liaison with family members, individuals and staff;
  • Manages all individual needs of residents/clientele and supervises their supports;
  • Provides lifestyle planning and outcomes for individuals



BGSR can provide a wide variety of disability service models across Perth and West Australia, from a few hours support per week, right through to 24 hours per day/ 7 days per week. Some examples are as follows:

  • ‘Drop In’ hours for independence skills and support;
  • Overnight / Sleep Shift supports;
  • Rostered 24 hour care;
  • ‘Live In’ style models;
  • Host family options for respite or long term;
  • Shared supported living in Group Homes or Cluster housing;
  • Shared Management.

We will consider any model of support that individuals and families consider appropriate to their needs. Talk with us about your personal circumstances and we will see if we can help you.


BGSR PTY LTD – Flexible, Personal, Quality

Providing quality supports to people with disabilities in Western Australia