BGSR PTY LTD – Flexible, Personal, Quality

Providing quality supports to people with disabilities in Western Australia

What is BGSR’s referral process?

If you would like to talk to us about services, we can arrange to meet you and discuss your needs.

You can also call us and discuss your situation over the phone if you prefer. We appreciate that families with funding like to meet several agencies as part of their decision making, and we guarantee to see you promptly to discuss the issues. We are usually able to advise you at our first meeting if we are able to be of assistance.

What happens once we have chosen BGSR to be our agency?

If you already have a WA NDIS or NDIS (Hills) plan in place, we may be able to start services fairly quickly, based upon the goals and funding in your plan.

If you have funding by the Disability Services Commission CAP Process, we can speak to DSC with your consent, and ask how much funding you have and how many service hours are available.

Once this detail has been agreed, we will then submit a plan through DSC. While this is being approved, we can be working with you and your family to recruit staff and work out the details.

Sometimes you may already have staff you wish to transfer to us, we are happy to employ staff of your choosing as long as they meet our basic recruitment policies.

What if I need Housing too?

Housing is a complex issue, and there is a great shortage of affordable housing in Western Australia.

Sometimes we may have housing available – or vacancies within houses – and we will discuss these with you when we meet.
Otherwise, we have to work with DSC and Department of Housing to obtain housing. This can take quite some time and special applications have to be made.

In the interim, we can look at subsidised private rentals, sharing with people who already have housing, or, host family options. We can be flexible and we will problem solve with you to find alternatives.

Are there any extra fees as part of your service?

No. We do not charge any extra fees for service.

How long will it take to develop a service for me?

The timeline depends on a number of factors. Some of these are:

• Availability of Housing;
• Availability of Staff;
• Availability of a ‘Vacancy’ ie in a shared option;

We appreciate that sometimes people are in crisis and need supports to start fairly quickly.
Usually we can arrange an interim arrangement to get things started.

Does BGSR manage group homes?

Yes, we certainly do.

We have several group homes and cluster options in the community.

We have been very involved with the transition of group homes from DSC's accommodation service.

Please feel free to phone us and ask any questions you might have about how we manage group options and how the transition process works.

What other services can BGSR provide?

Every individual has an Annual Lifestyle plan, where staff and family can get together and formally discuss issues every year.

A co-ordinator will liaise regularly with you and your family, discuss your concerns, and liaise with all stakeholders so that you receive a great service. We are also able to manage medical appointments, and will ensure all of the service providers in your life are working well together.

BGSR also holds a number of social events throughout the year for staff, individuals and families.

How much does a resident need to pay to live in a BGSR supported accommodation service?

We have a ‘user pays’ policy for all our residents. We do not charge a flat rate / percentage of the pension for ‘Board and Lodging’, and therefore, do not make a profit from this charge. Most other agencies do charge a Standardised Board and Lodging Fee.

Residents pay their rent, usually via Centrepay, to a housing provider. They then pay for their share of utilities and housekeeping. We find people can then save for more important expenses like outings and holidays by using this system.

A copy of our Board and Lodging policy can be provided for more information.

Can BGSR help me manage my finances?


If you do not have a family member to assist you, we can hold your funds for you in a Trust account which requires the Directors signatures for access. We can then assist you with bill paying, and help you save for holidays and other expenses. We always ensure your bills are paid on time, and we can provide you with Bank Statements at request.

You will also earn interest on your savings held in these accounts.

Can I do shared management with BGSR?

Absolutely. Talk with us about how much you wish to be involved with the recruitment, selection and payment of staff.

We will then negotiate a fee for the service and proceed from there

What if I am unhappy and want to make a complaint?

You can raise any issues you are worried about with support workers, or, your co-ordinator.
If this does not resolve the problem, please contact the office, and speak with Patrick, Bill or Sue.
We will resolve the problem with you as quickly as possible.

You can also complete a Complaint Form we can provide.

What if we choose to leave BGSR and go to another provider?

Government funding is completely portable and individuals are entitled to leave and choose another provider if they wish.

Individuals and families can contact Bill or Sue and discuss these issues and their decision to leave. We can also discuss periods of notice with you.