Murray is loving Life

perth disability support services

Until July 2017, Murray spent his life living with his mum and brother.

He worked fulltime and had all his household chores done for him.

Finally, his request for Department of Housing came through and he moved a couple of suburbs away to his own unit. Thanks to all the hard work by his brother, some funding by Local Coordination and his support agency, BGSR Pty Ltd, Murray now has complete independence.

With just three hours per day support, Murray keeps his unit clean and tidy, cooks meals, shops and manages his budget. He is up every day on time for work and never misses a support shift. Quite often he has started his routine before the staff arrive each day.

Murray calls his BGSR Coordinator every day just to ‘check in’ and any problems with his tenancy or neighbours can be resolved quickly.

Just goes to show, you may not need a lot of support to achieve your dreams !


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